mike list

executive producer

Mike List is the Executive Producer of DeadAir Films. A long time friend and collaborator of Gibson and Tobin, it was List who believed in their first feature screenplay Gutterbug and became the primary investor in the film from the earliest stages. He has continued to propel their vision forward by supporting their latest music videos Stay and Naturally. He is an entrepreneur at heart and also has his hands in Boston’s blooming tech world, working in software sales and email management. He is one of the founding members of DeadAir Films and oversees project development from script to screen.

Andrew Gibson

Director, writer

Andrew Gibson is a filmmaker and photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. He cut his teeth directing music videos in the infamous punk rock neighborhood of Allston, Massachusetts. It was there that he developed and established his style among Boston’s hoard of creatives as the lens that captured all the action. A familiar face to most within the scene, Gibson created and launched a video initiative for staple local music blog Allston Pudding, capturing the unleashed spirit of live basement rock while lifting many local acts from the underground into national spotlight. Inspired by this collaboration with musicians, artists, and wayward youth, Gibson wrote and directed his first feature-length film, Gutterbug, which premiered at the 2019 Independent Film Festival of Boston to widespread acclaim. Since then, he has continued directing music videos and commercials while developing his next feature film Bozohacksaw

chris tobin

writer, producer

Chris Tobin is a writer/producer from Massachusetts best known for writing and co-producing the feature film Gutterbug (2019). Filmed in Allston, MA, Gutterbug premiered in 2019 at the Independent Film Festival Boston, and has screened at festivals across the country, gaining notoriety and acclaim. Tobin is passionate about writing gritty, dramatic, and darkly funny scripts that reveal the underbelly of society. He illustrates the human experiences of those typically viewed as subhuman and contaminated, such as a homeless crust punk, or a tweaker metalhead, as in his and Gibson’s second developed screenplay Bozohacksaw. In addition to his feature film work, Tobin has helped produce top tier photo shoots with world class talent and brand names such as Harper’s BAZAAR, Amazon, and MGM.